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Destination Design:An Insider's Guide

Hello! I'm Heather, the founder of HCD Design Studio.  Here's where I share my insider finds, tips and tricks for design enhanced living.

I’ve been an interior designer for almost 24 years and have learned a lot along the way. I love sharing what I know and find that many feel as though they have been let in on a secret to learn my “insider tips”. This got me thinking: is there a way that I can reach a larger audience? 

And thus Destination Design was born.

This blog is intended to take you, my readers, on a journey both near and far, with design as the center of its focus. We will explore local Bay Area neighborhoods, showcasing treasures I find appealing and would use in my own home or in any of my interior design projects. We will learn what cities have the richest design cultures, from architecture, to furniture and beyond. Follow along as I take you on a tour of my favorite design focused museums, introduce you to some of the up and coming trends and teach you how to figure out what your own design taste is. 


Special features like “Ask HCD” will offer you, the reader, the opportunity to ask your interior design questions knowing your answers come with more than two decades of knowledge.  

For those of you that love design as much as I do, I hope that this page will offer great resources, tips and inspiration that lead you to your design destination. 


Let’s get going!

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