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Destination: West Hollywood

Los Angeles, LA, The City of Angels, and, to us Northern Cali folks, SoCal. This city has as many names as it does neighborhoods, each offering something unique and special.

I recently took a quick three-day weekend trip down to West Hollywood, now known as WeHo (it seems everything must be given a catchy nickname these days). My goal for the trip was to expand my arsenal of trade and boutique vendors for my interior design projects. I am always on the hunt for something unique and stylish, and supporting small businesses along the way is definitely a plus.

Of course, it wasn’t all work. I found a few fun treasures along the way that I thought you might also like to know about. But first... breakfast.

SOL, @stringsoflifecafe (I know, another acronym), is a cute little cafe tucked away behind a parking lot, and the only way to find out about it is to ask a local. Great, healthy food (yes, I had avocado toast) and refreshing drinks to get you through another warm and sunny day in LA. Now that I was fueled up, it was time to hit the shops.

To me, a home that feels more personal and warm is a home that is filled with plants. People often fail to add it when decorating their homes, and it really does make a difference. Window coverings, art, and plants — this is the holy trinity of accessories that will make a house a home. Often people make the mistake of getting big coffee table books, a dime a dozen vases from Target (don’t even start, I love Target as much as the next girl), or the latest trendy tchotchke they saw on some HGTV show. While the end result often looks good, it rarely feels authentic to the individual who lives there. I can get into how to accessorize your home in a more personal way in another post, but let’s get back to those plants.

I popped into this amazing store @thefaunsdaughter right off of Melrose and had the most lovely chat with the owner — he is genuinely a plant parent. And guys, take a look at how he presents the plants! It s a two-for-one — plants and wall art.

After trying to figure out how to sneak some of them onto the plane (it didn’t work, but I am not defeated), it was time to move on.

Next up, Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s vintage and “oh so LA” furniture boutique was hitting on all sorts of highs. His mix of quirky with sleek mid-century with over-the-top glam was so much fun! I found several pieces that I think will work in a few projects I am currently working on, including a 1950s set of dining chairs that are just to die for.

You know how the rounded shearling chair is so in right now? He had a pair from the 1980s that were so sexy that I almost bought them on the spot. I can’t believe I think anything from the 1980s is cool; it really was not a great decade, stylistically speaking. But I am nothing if not an easily influenced lover of design and fashion.

After my fling with @martynbullard shop, I headed over to the Pacific Design Center to meet some new vendors. That place is enormous! I had a dinner date with a dear friend, so I made my rounds and left. Don’t worry, dear reader; only designers can purchase from there, so you aren’t missing out on the details.

To keep on theme and end my day with plants, I headed to Ardor West Hollywood. @ardorweho restaurant is a plant-forward restaurant that offers top-notch food and decor that is incredibly sophisticated and inviting. Every bit of this place is well thought out — from the decor to the food to the very professional and friendly staff. I recommend ordering whatever your server suggests — we were not steered wrong!

The next day I wandered up and down Sunset Blvd. and discovered loads of fun clothing and shoe boutiques, but not much on the home furnishings front. Not to worry, I am never unhappy about finding unique clothing options. You gotta look the part, right? Well, anyway, that’s how I justify most purchases.

I stopped in the Boot Star store (@bootstarusa) and may or may not have purchased a pair of 1950s vintage boots. I’ll never tell — or maybe I just did. I also had a great chat with the owner and learned we had a few people in common. I love that about California — 44 million people live here, and somehow you still seem to know the same people as someone you meet 600 miles away from your hometown!

A little more shopping (I refuse to define “a little”) and Rag and Bone may have been involved. I mean, it is their flagship store. Then it was time to say goodbye to WeHo and head home.

But before I say goodbye, you gotta love a bookstore with this at its entry! Thanks Book Soup.

Until next time,



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