Our flexible and comprehensive design services let us collaborate regardless of a project’s scale. We can bring a single room to life through a focused approach, or take the lead on significant renovations and design services throughout the home.

Our services start with helping clients discover a style that’s simultaneously expressive, supportive of lifestyle needs, and in harmony with a home’s strengths. We find furnishings, finishes, artwork and accessories to bring the vision home, and manage the entire process of installation. We map floor plans that support better flow, and pay attention to accessories and subtle touches that bring a home together. Our color consulting services help clients discover an enduring palette for their entire home, or can enhance a particular room. Clients trust us for leading transformative renovations and remodeling, as well as for curating the personal touches that make a space a home.


How to take those idea boards and make them a reality... with a little help.

Let us help you take your design ideas from concept to reality with our One-Off Consultation. HCD will come to your home for an in-home meeting, and we will review your ideas, dreams, and budget.


In our two hour meeting, you can ask our advice on anything from paint colors, furniture placement, window treatments, and finishes, to suppliers and retailers.


At the end of the meeting, you’ll have a solid plan in place and direction on what to do from there. Having the advice of a design professional before you make changes to your space can help you successfully achieve the design space that you have always dreamed of without the fees of full-service design. 


Color is the simplest, most powerful transformation you can give your space.


Clients are amazed by how changing their home's color scheme creates a new sense of order, vitality and personal expression.


Our color consultation service is comprehensive, and you'll have the tools to make change happen immediately.

One of our color experts will come to your home, discuss your tastes, and listen to your goals for your experience of your home.

We'll take note of your current color scheme, the sources of light in each room, and your family's preferences.


We'll design a color map for each room that takes the entire home's flow into account, and  provide you with a detailed legend outlining paint and trim colors for each room.

DAY OF DESIGN $1,200 (6 HRS)

Designed to kick start a design process, or to offer a road map for clients who want to manage renovations all on their own.


Our value-priced "Day of Design" brings one of our designers to your home for a thorough conversation about your goals and preferences, coupled with a survey of your space.


Soon thereafter, you'll receive a detailed "to do" list of recommendations coupled with references to recommend vendors and stores.


This highly optimized package lets you approach design for your home with the confidence that comes from tapping into our deep experience, insights and local market knowledge. 


MAKE IT WORK $4,000 (20 HRS)

Maybe you are renting, and want to get the most out of your home, without making major changes. Or, there's an area in your home that isn't quite "right", and you have a hunch the right layout and furniture will make the difference.

HCD will work with you to optimize your space, unifying design with a sophisticated style that reflects your tastes and needs.


 HCD will work with you to:

- Research and select furniture.

- Create a basic floor plan with selected furniture in place.

- Produce a shopping list to reference for the design implementation.


MAKE IT YOURS $8,000 (40 HRS)

Maybe you have recently moved to a new home and need some help getting the layout and look for multiple rooms. You may be interested in how some fundamental changes could transform your space (eg: kitchen, bathroom design), and you might have a list of priorities to start moving.

HCD can help you make the most of any time and money you are ready to invest to make your home reflect your taste, and ambitions for living in your home.


 HCD will work with you to:

- Research and select furniture.

- Create detailed floor plans with selected furniture.

- Create a full product and budget sheet for prioritized projects.

- Assist client with purchases and deliveries.

- Assist with styling once all items are delivered.


MAKE IT PERFECT $15,000 (60 HRS)

Congratulations, you are in your forever home. This is your chance to make your space the truest reflection of you, and help you enjoy your space to the fullest.


 HCD will work with you to:

- Distill the tastes and needs of you and your family.

- Research and select furniture and accessories.

- Provide detailed floor plans.

- Prepare a full scope budget and items list for your projects.

- Process orders and deliveries.

- Style your home upon completion of furniture delivery.


HCD is a highly-personalized design service studio delivering a beautiful, functional space that makes you feel relaxed and renewed in your own home. From the initial consultation to the final walk through after installation is complete, your project will be managed by a professional, and finished with ease  Beginning with a consultation, we follow an organized process to design your space, engage trades and suppliers, source all items needed, arrange purchasing, installation and styling.


Our aim is not just to deliver a space you’ll love, but to make the experience along the way a pleasurable one. We believe that designing your home should enhance your living experience and want to ensure that your taste and needs are reflected in every design choice that is made. 

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