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Destination: Rothy's Shoes

Remember Imelda Marcos, the wife of the former 1980s dictator from the Philippines? The woman who owned over 3,000 pairs of shoes? A little louder for you youngsters in the back: 3,000 pairs of kicks! I feel like I might be gaining on her as my Rothy's obsession is now entirely out of control. But how can I be blamed? They hit on all the notes that matter to me — comfort, sassy style, and being environmentally friendly (they're made from recycled water bottles). So yeah, I have a few pairs of Rothy's shoes.

Let me tell you a bit about this magical company and everything I love about it. First, it's a local business founded in 2012 in San Francisco that, according to Wikipedia, had a "goal to create a stylish and comfortable women's flat shoe, all while reducing the excess that occurs with a traditional shoemaking process." Dreamy…

Second, have you seen the shoes? So many unique patterns, pointy and ballerina toe flats, loafers, driving moccasins, ankle boots, Mary Janes, and now they even have a super cute lace-up sneaker! Yes, I did just purchase that too because cuuute!

Their formula is brilliant. Rothy's offers seven different types of shoes in a multitude of patterns and colors, resulting in over 60 different options (I'm working on it). Whether you're a sassy shoe lover (like me), or a more modest shoe wearer (not like me), there is something for everyone. And they… are… so… comfortable!

I run around a lot for work: site visits for construction jobs, product shopping for design jobs, errands for the mom job, etc. And I'm old, as in my feet hurt if I stand too long, and heels are no longer an option. But my love of cute shoes has not diminished with my age! With Rothy's, I don't have to settle for orthopedic styled shoes (ugh) while trying to be comfortable and pain-free on my feet all day.

One other thing I like? In the age of supply chain issues (do not even get me started), they show up super fast, as in days after you order them online. I'm not known for being patient, so this is a major bonus.

The only downside I see to a Rothy's shoe is that I only have two feet.

Check them out Rothy's online and on Instagram and see if you can resist — I bet you can't!

Until next time,


Images via Rothy's Instagram


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