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Destination : Organization

I...AM...OBSESSED! I live a hectic life, juggling my interior design firm, being a mama to a TEENAGER, and adulting, most of the time. I need to have a place where I can write down the schedule of my work life and my personal life, and no, the google calendar doesn't do it for me. I want paper, nice paper, and a good pencil (hello Blackwing) while I am at it. And you know what else? I care very much about how things look. Enter: Golden Coil Planners.

You can customize them based on your personal needs! So, I went online, created my perfect planner, and then checked the mailbox every day for two weeks. Finally! It arrived in the most beautiful box. It was like a surprise gift, even though I am the one who designed and bought it. I'll never go back. This planner goes everywhere with me. I am already thinking about what cover pattern or color I will order next year.

I got a chance to chat with the marketing team over at Golden Coil. After I settled down and stopped gushing over them, I was able to carry on a short interview about their business model, how they came to be inspired to create such a great product, and their goals for the future. Here is a bit of that conversation. Now, run out and get your Golden Coil ASAP!

HCD: How did Golden Coil come about? Whose idea was it, and how did it manifest?

Michelle: The initial thoughts of Golden Coil came about as Trisha and I searched for a Mother's Day gift for our mother. We knew that we wanted to buy her a planner, but we kept coming up short after searching our community and the web. After talking, we found that we had two problems. 1) We could not agree on what made the perfect planner, and 2) We could not find a planner that could fulfill our necessary requirements. With this knowledge, we found that the only way we could create our mother's perfect planner was to allow her to create it herself. We decided that we wanted to build a product and website that allowed everyone to have exactly what they wanted in a planner-- we wanted to give everyone the ability to create their perfect planner!

HCD: What is it like to work at Golden Coil? What is a typical day like?

Michelle: Working at Golden Coil is an absolute dream! Working from home and creating these planners, all while being able to care for our kids, is more than we could have hoped for. A typical day in our lives includes many emails, zoom calls, slack messages, and meetings sandwiched between playdates, soccer practices, and preschool!

HCD: How/who comes up with the designs for the covers?

Michelle: Each year, we contract a handful of designers to create covers for our planners. Additionally, we hold a design contest once a year where anyone can submit a design. These designs are shared with our community on social media, and after a handful of votes, we find a winner! The Design Contest gives us the opportunity to meet so many wonderful artists that we would have never met otherwise.

HCD: Do you use a Golden Coil? What are your favorite add ons?

Michelle: Yes, of course! Our favorite pages would be any page with a to-do list! As work-from-home moms, we don't have many appointments, but the to-dos are never-ending. Being able to track our tasks is something that motivates us and helps us manage our progress.

HCD: Besides growing Golden Coil, what are your goals for the company in the next five years.

Michelle: Our greatest purpose at Golden Coil is to give people the tools they need to find peace in their lives through organization and planning. This will look a little different for everyone: for some, it is being extremely productive; for others, it is simply finding time to track their wellness and journal. We want to continually give our community more tools/customization options/pages that can help them improve their lives through planning.

HCD: Do you have any famous clients? Are you allowed to say who?

Michelle: Not that we know of! Truly, having anyone care to use our products is incredible enough for us!

HCD: Tell me something about Golden Coil or yourself that many don't know.

Michelle: Although Trisha and I are sisters and run Golden Coil together, we haven't lived in the same state for over six years! We run Golden Coil completely remote, with each of our employees also working remotely. While it has been challenging at times, it has provided so much flexibility in our lives and the lives of our employees.

Thank you for chatting with me Michelle.

Instagram: @golden.coil

Until next time,



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