Destination: Flora Grubb Gardens

Confession: I have major garden envy every time I go to visit Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. I mean, this place is stunning! And given the state of the world (read: global warming) their focus on native and drought tolerant plants hits just right. As someone who's drawn to both modern and organic aesthetics, this place never fails to inspire and create just a teeny tiny bit of envy.

I mean… just look!

With traffic back in full swing in the Bay Area, I try to avoid going into “The City” as much as possible given the amount of time spent inching along. But sometimes, it just has to be done. And there are always fantastic podcasts to listen to — I'm currently obsessed with IDCO Studio's new podcast series. But back to plants, namely super sexy plants. Visiting the space is like a field trip, it is so well laid out with little vignettes of plants, seating areas, and beautiful pottery.

Speaking of the pottery, the offerings here are at once modern and rustic. I fell in love with these terra cotta pots, something about the rustic clay mixed with the sculptural feel of the cacti speaks to me. It feels so much like what I think of California as being — both natural and fine-tuned in all the right ways.

They also have a large assortment of incredible indoor plants for those without much outdoor space. Whether you prefer a more natural-looking pot or a little bling with your green, there is something for you at Flora Grubb.

And for those who love plants but are not quite sure how to arrange them, care for them, or style them, Flora Grubb offers on-site guidance from one of their many talented, friendly, and helpful staff. You bring in a few key pieces of information and the team will help you put together the garden (or windowsill) of your dreams.

Since you're already in San Fransisco, you may as well stop and grab a little lunch at Wooly Pig nearby — great food in a fun setting. I recommend the Bahn Mi sandwich, trust me. Speaking of food, I would love to see a little cafe on the Flora Grubb property; you could eat in one of the cute little seating areas they have tucked into all the plant vignettes! The idea is out there.

Now, if only flying cars were already in production. That Bay Bridge trek home isn’t looking too fun.

Until next time,