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Pre-Project Survey

Our engagement with you begins with an hour-long, on site meeting to review your design needs and inspirations. This will be an opportunity for you to share what you want to accomplish through your design project and for us to begin learning your preferred styles.

During this phase we’ll collect the information we will need to create our comprehensive design plan.


Following this initial consultation, we will send you a detailed proposal that outlines the scope of work by room and an estimate of our hours and fees. This proposal will articulate your project’s design goals and the specific steps
we will take to achieve them.

Design Phase 1: Conceptualization

Once we’ve agreed on your project’s scope of work, we will spend a bit more time exploring what you like in terms of design and architectural styles using photos and drawings for inspiration.

With your project goals and these design parameters as a foundation, we will then begin the process of designing. This process has three distinct phases.

The first phase is space planning. The aim here is to develop the best layout for your design. Another aspect of this phase is the creation of a presentation board which will feature individual design elements (furniture, drapes, paint, fabric, accessories, etc.) for your review. These boards are shared to give you an overall feel for the space and to facilitate our communication about the evolving project.

Design Phase 2: Development

Using the feedback you have provided during our phase one presentation we will make the revisions needed to come to agreement on the final design. This development process typically entails one or two more meetings. This is also the time to ensure that special needs like pet friendly fabrics, ADA requirements, and the like are accommodated in the final design.

This second phase concludes with agreement on the design details that will be required for the development of a comprehensive budget.

Design Phase 3: Budget

Once the design and finish details have been completed, we will create a budget spreadsheet that communicates the cost of all items needed for the completion of the project. This will include the contractor’s price, the designer’s price, and the cost of all the materials (furniture, fabrics etc.) This budget will provide you a comprehensive outline of all project costs.

Purchasing, Project Management & Installation

When you've approved everything we've presented, it is time to start the purchasing process. We will create invoices, collect payment and purchase all materials and products needed for your design project.


After ordering is complete, we will also manage the scheduling of deliveries with our vendors to ensure all items are accounted for and arrive in time and damage free. Weekly walk though dates will be held with the designer and contractor to ensure that all work proceeds on time and that the design is being carried out according to plan. Weekly email updates will be sent to you after these walk-throughs to keep you up to date.

Most communication is done through email to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that no details are overlooked.