​Sometimes clients get what they need through a quick start assessment.

One of our designers will come to your home, listen to your needs, and create a roadmap for your projects.


Some changes can be made immediately, and for more complex projects, we'll give you a plan that will fit your timing and budget.

Most importantly, we'll find the style that reflects you and makes the most of your home.


Clients are amazed at how much can get accomplished in the three hour session.​ 


    3 hours; $600

Color is the simplest, most powerful transformation you can give your space.


Clients are amazed by how changing their home's color scheme creates a new sense of order, vitality and personal expression.


Our color consultation service is comprehensive, and you'll have the tools to make change happen immediately.

One of our color experts will come to your home, discuss your tastes, and listen to your goals for your experience of your home.

We'll take note of your current color scheme, the sources of light in each room, and your family's preferences.


We'll design a color map for each room that takes the entire home's flow into account, and  provide you with a detailed legend outlining paint and trim colors for each room.


    3 hours; $600​

Our flexible and comprehensive design services let us collaborate regardless of a project’s scale. We can bring a single room to life through a focused approach, or take the lead on significant renovations and design services throughout the home.

We are experts in kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and have had extraordinary results in improving homes’ overall flow with the least disruption possible.

Our services start with helping clients discover a style that’s simultaneously expressive, supportive of lifestyle needs, and in harmony with a home’s strengths. We find furnishings, finishes, artwork and accessories to bring the vision home, and manage the entire process of installation. We map floor
plans that support better flow, and pay attention to accessories and subtle touches that bring a home together. Our color consulting services help clients discover an enduring palette for their entire home, or can enhance a particular room.

Clients trust us for leading transformative renovations and remodeling, as well as for curating the personal touches that make a space a home.

Clients regularly attest that our services were directly responsible for multiple offers, and home sales significantly above asking price.

Our extensive experience serves to dramatically enhance a home’s desirability, on time and on budget.

We can bring a vacant or sparsely-furnished home to life with furnishings, accessories and artwork, or edit existing furniture to create a better flow.

When remodeling is necessary, we can make recommen-dations, or take the lead to see the work through.

Whether staging needs are modest or extensive, our results are the same: buyers will be inspired to see themselves at home in the space.